Our Mission

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The Mission of the Music Works Academy is to provide Music and Performing Arts Education to our community in Southeast Nebraska.

We strive to provide services that help all ages of people to bring music and performing arts into their lives. We aim to provide positive educational experiences for our students and instructors. We focus on connecting great students with great teachers. Some of our classes and lessons will be traditional but we also offer more creative options if you are looking for fun music activities or if you want to try out an instrument and see how goes!


  • We believe music is a life long journey!
  • We believe that music is for everyone and we believe that music improves lives.
  • We believe in modern academic and scientific studies about music and the brain.
  • We believe in the power that music and art hold to improve life skills, academic abilities and social and emotional engagement.
  • We believe that a magical thing happens when students are paired with the right teachers.
  • We believe music study should be fun and exciting!
  • We believe in thinking outside the box when it comes to teaching music and performing arts.
  • We believe in a solid traditional music foundation and pedogogies that support growth and expansion into other areas of interest.
  • We believe in a constantly changing dialogue about music that fits all of our students on their individual musical journeys.


We offer two types of classes and lessons:

  1. Private Lessons in 30 and 60 Minute options.
    Enrollment in the private lesson is monthly to reserve time with your teacher.
    Tuition is paid on a monthly basis.
  2. Group Class Sessions – limited to a maximum of 10 students.
    Our teachers determine the amount of students for each group they want to teach.
    Enrollment can be done online or in person.
    We offer several types of payment and session options.

Want to try out an instrument but not sure how it will go?
We have options for that!
All of our Beginning Group Sessions are offered in 4, 6 or 8 Week Sessions

Book a TRIAL LESSON with a teacher and see how you like it!
Find the class schedule that fits YOU.



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Our philosophy is that music is for EVERYONE. ALL ages of people can benefit from learning music even at young ages. Our Preschool Music classes will help your child to work on fine motor skills, socialization skills, verbalization and vocabulary and engage all senory areas of the brain which will better prepare them to enter school as they get older. We encourage parents to particpate in many of our Preschool Sessions to help little musicians feel at ease and to create a music based bonding experience with your child.

Little Explorers Class

Little Explorers Class is designed for children in grades 1 – 3 that have special needs or are on the Autism Spectrum. This class explores different themes and topics and allows kids to EXPLORE the music in their own way. It’s a Class SAFARI as we have fun, sing, dance, laugh and play instruments! Our Special Education Assistant, Stacey Edeal, helps us with this class.

Private Instrument INstruction

We offer private instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced students on MANY instruments!

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Enroll for a 30 or 60 minute monthly lesson on a monthly payment plan and your weekly lesson time will be reserved for you with your private teacher.

We currently offer private instruction for the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone


Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano or the guitar? Want to get back to playing the flute or the Ukulele?

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Great news! Our Adult Beginner Lessons are designed to get you started! It’s normal for adults to feel nervous or overwhelmed trying to learn an instrument for the first time. Our instructors will work with you in an easy, positive way so you can finally cross that item off your “Bucket List”!

Want to “brush up” on some musical skills and get back to playing? Our monthly private lessons get you working with great teachers to help you bring music back into your life.

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No matter your age, we provide lessons for all!


You might be wondering why Yoga is part of our class schedule? Yoga and Music go hand in hand in the power and benefit that we can find for our minds and bodies. We provide Yoga classes with our Teacher, Ginger Hunt, to allow all people in our community the benefit that yoga and music provides. Even if you aren’t studying an instrument you can still find better health and wellness in our Yoga classes that are based on Music. Additionally, Yoga, meditation and wellness are a strong part of the core needs of musicians and performers and we are excited to be among some of the most modern Music Schools in the United States offering Yoga as part of our teaching.


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We encourage our instructors to help us create new and different ways for people of all ages to EXPLORE music. We are unlimited in the bounds of what we can explore in teaching music in 2022. Technology takes our learning and teaching of music to elevated levels. Recent findings on how music affects our brains and bodies are just beginning to open the doors of new levels of teaching and learning. EXPLORE with us as we CREATE new avenues of interacting with the musical universe.

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Our Instructors

Our mission is to provide instruction in a safe, encouraging and positive environment. We aim to have our teachers connect with all of our students in a unique way that provides the best instruction and builds solid musical foundations for our students. We can work with all levels of students from beginner to advanced. You may end up working with several of our instructors on your new musical journey!